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NSTPI’s Current Situation:                                                                                                  Job Pledge

Primarily NSTPI is now a centre for Language, Literacy and Numeracy and works five days a week with people from non-English speaking backgrounds and links with training programmes to assist those graduates gain work.

Past History: 

NSTPI originally was formed as Northside Skillshare Inc in 1992 with a contract from the Federal Government to assist the local unemployed people.  The Skillshare concept was in place across Queensland until early 1997 when the Federal Government ceased providing skills training to the unemployed.

In 1994 NSTPI installed a Disability toilet (wheelchair access) to cater for the many disabled clients who were accessing services.  The centre began providing skills training in automotive and business and became known as the Job Training Centre in 1995. NSTPI provided industry training to clients which enabled them to gain employment while others returned to formal education at the nearby TAFE colleges.

In 1998 NSTPI became a member of Career Employment Australia Consortium.  The centre now began training clients in literacy and Pre apprenticeship courses to improve their opportunities.

Early 1999 the Federal Government began the Work for the Dole programmes and NSTPI was keen to sponsor a number of projects.  One project was to partner with Surfer Paradise Rotary Sunrise to build wheelchairs from bicycle parts.  The wheelchairs were placed into containers and sent to the islands in the Pacific regions to assist the disabled islanders to become more mobile.  Other projects included working on renovating local church properties, childcare centres and creating jewelry for schools to sell at school fetes.  Due to its close proximity to the Northgate train station, rooms and garage spaces were rented out to CEA to conduct accredit training.

From working in partnerships, NSTPI has been able to deliver accredited training in Aged Care, Disability services, Community Services, Home and Community Care, Leisure and Lifestyle and Security.  NSTPI also delivered small programmes in Traffic Controller, First Aid, Skilling Queenslanders for Work, PPP Retail course, automotive and the youth Connections programme.  Throughout the early 2000s NSTPI housed the Literacy and Numeracy Training (LANT) programme and later the Language, Literacy and Numeracy Programme (LLNP) this enabling numerous members of the community to build the skills to gain employment.